Healthy Food That Tastes Good


Are you trying to become a healthier person? You know that the bad food choices in the past could be causing you to feel sluggish while preventing you from losing weight. Eating healthy food is a lot easier than it was just a few decades ago because there are now plenty of options available.

Never assume that eating healthy means you will no longer be able to enjoy food that actually has some flavor. In fact, lots of healthy dishes have much more flavor than the unhealthy selections, but it is all about how you prepare them.

Healthy Breakfast Choices

healthy-breakfastIf you are trying to lose weight, you should not skip meals. It may seem like the right thing to do because you would think you are eating fewer calories, but you would actually be depriving your body of the food that it needs. As a result, you would probably end up feeling sluggish and lightheaded.

Some great breakfast choices would include an egg and spinach omelet, avocado and egg on whole grain toast and homemade smoothies using fresh fruit, such as raspberries and blueberries. You may be able to prepare these breakfast foods ahead of time and then grab them in the morning before you leave for the day.

Tasty Snacks That Are Good For You

Even if you are trying to eat healthier, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy some tasty treats. Healthy snacks include apple slices dipped in reduced fat peanut butter, sliced watermelon, homemade yogurt and fresh fruit pops and chocolate covered banana slices. You could also make your own yogurt covered raisins or blueberries to snack on too.

Healthy Lunch And Dinner Selections

Healthy-DinnerYour most satisfying meals of the day may be lunch or dinner. If you are looking for something simple for lunch, consider mozzarella and tomato slices with a bit of basil sprinkled on top. You could also make your own zucchini fries by slicing zucchini into thin strips and sprinkling those strips with just a handful of breadcrumbs.

Some tasty dinner selections include tilapia or salmon with a side of baked broccoli or asparagus. The vegetables tend to taste even better when they are baked or grilled because they have a lot of flavor and a bit of a crunch that really tastes good with the fish. If you are not a fish fan, you could always swap it for lean turkey or baked chicken.

Slices of turkey with avocado in a spinach wrap would be perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. And, if you have extra time, adding shrimp and pineapple slices to skewers and placing them on the grill for a few minutes would be great.

When you start eating healthy food, these are some choices you will have. You do not need to give up eating snacks or enjoying wholesome meals.

Instead, you just have to choose healthier selections. For example, a sweet potato would be better for you than a white potato and broccoli would be better for you than corn. Choose wisely and you can become healthier.